Angel Wings

Telling a story with music and in pictures about the world, the earth and people in particular whilst addressing the issues of balance and living together. Within these stories we as human beings can encounter and understand each other, even without words. The music was there first and inspired us, also due to the title of Angel Wings, to retell an old story about our world, people, existence and becoming.

It is played gently like the beating of a birds wing and the sounds of the guitar and also the pictures touch our souls. A form of gentleness that reminds us of the vulnerability of the world, the earth and mankind. In just the same way that a butterfly in the Amazonas can trigger off a storm in Europe, it is virtually a symbol of the fact that on the day of the completion of this video a volcano in Iceland under the peaks of the Eyjafjalla glacier erupted and paralyzed air travel in large sections of Europe.

A small volcano ... the beating of a wing?

Produced by Klaus Wolfgang Wildner, Wildner Records

Music written and performed by Burkhard Wolters
(CD "Moontown", Wildner Records 2006)

Acoustic Guitar: CCJ 582 | "Max Amberger" I designed by Hermann Hauser III
Recorded and Mixed by Markus Born @ kleine audiowelt
Mastered by Marko Schneider @ Skywalk Studios
Story by Harry Flosser and Heid Schmidt
Storyboard and Animation by Harry Flosser |
Copyright by Wildner AG, Munich